Alert for Solar Consumers – Check before you buy

Warranty Guide

Limitless Solutions feels pleasure to upload this “Warranty & Guarantee guide” for all valued viewers across the globe, especially in Pakistan to understand the basics of Warranty & Guarantee. Further detail of warranties for Solar PV products to clarify all before purchasing/ordering, that what factors principally limits you to claim the warranty and what are the bounding from supplier/manufacturer to cater its issues.

Key Differences between Guarantee and Warranty

Guarantee Warranty
The guarantee serves as a promise made by the manufacturer, that in case the product is below the specified quality, it will be repaired, replaced or the money deposited will be refunded.
Guarantees is oral or written commitment, where oral guarantees are very hard to prove.
The warranty is a written assurance that the facts specified in the product are true and genuine, but if they are not it will be repaired or replaced.
Warranty is a written document so, it can be easily proven.

The guarantee covers product, service, persons and consumer satisfaction.

The warranty covers products only.

The term of the guarantee varies from item to item in a system.

The warranty is for any complete product or any part of the product.

In the case of guarantee, money back is possible.

Money back is not possible in warranty.

Guarantee may or may not be a condition of sale

A warranty is a subsidiary condition of sale.

Warranty of Imported Solar Products

Warranty of Imported Solar Products:
Generally a solar system is consist of following imported items whose warranty is catered by manufacturer via importer/supplier.

  1. Solar PV panels – 12 years product warranty and 25 years performance warranty
  2. Solar Inverter – 5 years product warranty (extendable)
  3. Batteries – 1 or 2 years product warranty depending on type with life upto ten years

Typically the warranties of all above products are same for all brands available in Pakistan market, but no one is aware of actual terms and conditions specifically for solar PV panels, even not all importers are aware completely for warranty terms/claims. Furthermore solar installation companies also lack the technical expertise and essential testing equipment need to claim the warranty.

Limitless Solutions uses certified testing equipment especially required to collect the data of solar panel performance and analysis reports are prepared to claim the warranties.
We have proven record of warranty claim for replacement of more than 100kW solar PV panels, more than 500kW of inverters and its dataloggers etc. for different clients & different brands.

To get more details on warranty terms and claims please download our “Warranty Guide” from the link:

Warranty of Local Products

The local products includes following items which typically have no warranty at all.

  1. Solar PV Panel mounting frames
  2. DC, AC & Earth cables
  3. DC fuses and AC breakers
  4. Piping and installation accessories

Cost of Solar PV panels is 60% of the total project cost having life of 25 years, now this is very important that the object which is holding this 60% cost on open roof i.e. its mountings, must be durable and strong enough to withhold under extreme weather conditions. Or should be fully warranted for at-least 10-15years to secure your CAPEX.

This issue of warranty is catered by Limitless Solutions as we provide 10 years warranty of Aluminum mountings and 1 year warranty against the supplied DC & AC breakers.

To get more details on our product warranty terms and claims please download our “Product Warranty Terms” from the link:

Workmanship Guarantee

Workmanship guarantee refers to the term that installation conducted is free of any defect. Limitless Solutions offers a limited installation services warranty for any defects in the work carried out by its qualified installers when installing a solar system at sites i.e. “workmanship guarantee”.
Limitless Solutions is liable to cater its installed system till ONE YEAR from the date of commissioning that includes daily online monitoring for energy production, monthly energy generation report and free services for repair/replace any faulty component of the system where the components with no warranty will be charged as per actual.

To get more details on terms please download our “Workmanship Guarantee Terms” from the link: