Services for Up gradation of Existing Solar system

If you’re already generating solar power, your electricity bills must have been decreased, but by time electricity requirement increases & where the prices are also going up then what options do you have to bring your bills down?

There is a great way to upgrade your existing solar system, even by using latest technology

Following are the options you can avail for upgrading your existing system, which requires a site survey to propose you the best suitable option.
  1. Up gradation according to energy consumption in your house
  2. Best selection of latest technology for improvement in existing system
  3. Addition of Solar Panels, in existing inverter if possible
  4. Addition of Solar Panels and Inverter that is compatible with your existing system
  5. Upgrade existing Off-grid system to On-grid and avoid timely replacement of batteries
One Year Workmanship Guarantee of only upgraded system will be our responsibility