Electrical Consultancy Services

Limitless Solution is providing, a broad range of Electrical design engineering and Energy management services for “New Construction” and for “up–gradation” of running electrical network since 2005. Our central objective is to provide a custom-made, best in class consultancy services, for Electrical Engineering design, planning and energy management consultancy under the supervision of experienced skilled personals and knowledgeable engineers.

Our team of specialist consultants and design engineers make up us different and unique among Electrical Engineering design firm in Pakistan.

Services for New Construction

Key points of design document
  • HV & LV power distribution
  • Cable layout
  • Lightning protection systems
  • Energy Management System
  • Protection Earth design
  • Standby generation & UPS systems
  • Electrical layouts and shop Drawings
  • Cost estimating & budgeting

Services for Up gradation

Step – 1: Evaluation
Step – 2: Design Document

Key points of Evaluation
  • HT switchgears testing
  • Transformer testing
  • Detailed analysis of load, Voltages & power profiles
  • IR thermography of HV & LV panels
  • Cable & breaker sizing for LV panels
  • Harmonics analysis of electrical network
  • Analysis of protection Earth system

Key points of design document (for up-gradation)
  • Data of above testing
  • Suggestion for replacement of old/faulty component based on evaluated data
  • Suggestion for New upgraded automation technology
  • Design for enhancement of electrical network
  • Standby generation & UPS systems
  • Cost estimating & budgeting
  • Suggestion of Solar PV power for savings