Solar Consultancy Services

Our Solar Consultancy Services includes:

  1. Engineering design documentation for Medium to large scale solar projects
  2. Evaluation of installed Solar Systems
  3. Preparation of Bid Documents for Solar Project tenders according to PEPRA rules
  4. Following studies for Net metering of big projects
    1. Load flow
    2. Short Circuit
    3. Harmonics
    4. Transient

Services for Engineering Design Document

  1. Site Suitability Analysis and Solar Data Assessment
    1. Topography
    2. Shading Analysis
    3. Site Access and infrastructure
  2. Technology Options Study
    1. Comparison of PV module technologies
    2. Comparison of mounting technology
    3. Comparison of inverter technology with options for online data monitoring
  3. System Design
    1. Preliminary design of the plant for the Site (e.g. for PV: power, number of modules, row distance, inverter)
    2. Panel Placement layout
    3. Electrical layout
    4. Mounting structure
    5. List of Electrical & protection equipment with specifications and parameters
    6. HT/LT Substation layout
    7. DC & AC Cable sizes
    8. Single line diagram of electrical network
    9. Earth calculation for equipment protection
    10. Lightning protection layout
  4. Energy Yield Estimates according to selected technology
    1. Simulation of plant using standard software
    2. Energy calculation for degradation of panels
    3. Analysis of system losses
    4. Uncertainty analysis (optional)
  5. Financial Analysis
    1. Initial financial sheets for understanding (CAPEX & OPEX of project)
    2. For making detailed financial feasibility, technical data/ support can be provided to your financial consultant
  6. Grid interconnection study

Services for Evaluation of installed Solar System

Our Services for Solar System Evaluation includes:

  1. Physical inspection of the system
  2. Inspection of installation techniques/method for catering the warranty of products
  3. Analysis of Solar Panel performance
  4. Testing of DC Cable insulation for avoiding mishap and losses calculation
  5. Energy analysis according to installed power
  6. Solution for maximum energy production
    1. Reinstallation with appropriate orientation and tilt angle
    2. Reinstallation in unshaded area if system has shading losses
    3. Option for better cleaning

Test equipment used during system Evaluation:

  1. Solar Test Kit – Seaward (UK)
  2. PV Analyzer – Tes Prova
  3. Power Analyzer – Nano VIP (Italy)
  4. Battery analyzer – Tes
  5. Insulation Tester – Mestech
  6. Earth testers – Mestech