1. Sind Club: (Designed & implemented in Nov 2017)

One of Asia’s oldest and finest clubs, established in 1871, the Club has maintained its original Victorian architecture, while being modernized over time. Now equipped with state of the art facilities, Limitless Solutions feels proud to give comprehensive electrical consultancy services and electrical construction work for such a valued discipline.

Maximum Demand load: 650kW (before up-gradation)
Maximum Capacity of LV panels: 450kW

Due to lack of distribution capacity in peak time they had to manage accordingly by shedding some load, and also their projected requirement of power was 50kw, so finally the max demand load will be 700Kw.
After detailed evaluation of electrical distribution network, it was decided mutually to divide the club in two zones according to power consumption i.e. North zone & South zone.
A new LV room was constructed with new LV panels and NZ was shifted on it (650kW) while SZ remains on old LVp (450kW). Above plan was designed and implemented carefully considering not to intrude the unique Victorian architecture as well necessity of modern technologies.
Load was shifted in new LV room with for minimum changes in underground cables and within minimum shutdown time. Furthermore automation was implemented to shift the power on generators.

2. JinKwang Jazz (Pvt.) Ltd. (Design & implemented in Sep 2018)

Running load:

  1. Maximum running load was 1.5Mw
  2. New addition in load 600kW (new induction furnace with press)
  3. Finally Total Peek running load 2.1Mw.

Available Power Capacity:

  1. 1Mw sanctioned from KE (existing HV switch gear and 1500kVA transformer, Line-1)
  2. 1250kVA self-generation
  3. Existing available Power Capacity 2.1Mw.
  4. Enhancement in K-Electric sanctioned 0.5MW, (New HV switch gear and 1500kVA transformer, Line-2)
  5. Finally Total Available Power Capacity 2.6Mw.

Initially the load of 1.5 Kw was running through two separate lines i.e. K-Electric (Line-1) and Genset, where the load was managed by converting load breakers manually on both lines accordingly, this manually load shifting was risky, energy loss and production loss, also it may cause any mishap due to human error or negligence, as well this kind working format is totally dependent on workers, which maybe a threat for management. We carefully designed a hi-tech automated solution with mutual concern of technical team of JinKwang Jazz and implemented the new design successfully.

Design Brief:


KE (1Mw Line-1) and Genset (1250Kva) were combined through synch panels to run all the existing load of 1.5Mw automatically on single bus, in case of sudden blackout from KE there is a safety provision to cut the heavy load automatically to avoid overloading of the genset.


For new production line of induction furnace and press a new switchgear, stepdown transformer (Line-2), isolation transformer, main and LV distribution panel along with PFI was installed. Further due to heavy inductive loads, current (A) Harmonics were found in unacceptable/dangerous range which were causing issues in Genset, creating heat in system and faults in PFI etc. Those were fixed by implementing a no of corrective measures and finally grounded all Voltage and Current harmonics in acceptable range of Engineering standard. All new installation work and corrective measures were successfully designed, installed and commissioned within minimum shutdown time, till date the industry is running smoothly.

3. ARY Films & TV Production (Designed and implemented in June 2020)

Total load:

1- Maximum demand load (MDI) 750kW (Only in Ramadan)
2- Average running load 500 to 600kW (throughout year except Ramadan)
3- Critical load 160kW (Live telecast, MCR and uplink) included in main loads profile

Available Power Capacity:

1- 494Kw sanctioned from KE
2- Self-generation
a. 450kVA x 2 900kW Gas Gensets
b. 550kVAx 1 360kW Diesel Gensets
c. 250kVA x 1 180kW Diesel Gensets
d. 75kVA x 1 55kW Diesel Gensets
e. 150kVA x 1 120kW
3- Total Self-generation 1.615Mw
4- KE sanctioned power 500kW
5- Total Available Power 1.6Mw
Complete load of vicinity as mentioned above was managed by converting load breakers manually on different buses, this manual load shifting was risky & also caused energy loss and high diesel consumption. It may cause any mishap due to human error or negligence, as well this kind of working format is totally dependent on workers, which maybe a threat for management.

We carefully designed a hi-tech automated LV room by combining KE and Genset power through synch panel along with New HT switchgear, LV switchgear, LV distribution and Power Factor Improvement plant with a provision of Backup power of 360kW on UPSs and also emergency by-pass systems for critical load.

The total load of ARY was shifted successfully from old LV room to new LV room without shutdown as every critical load was shifted to UPS backup and then powered by emergency By-pass system.
  1. Ali Gohar & Company
  2. Image
  3. HANDS Head office
  4. Bahria Villas
  5. Farm house in Moro