Mr. Asif Qadir, Post: Ex-President Engro Polymers

I have known Limitless Solutions for the past 10 years and have always found them to be highly professional and pleasant to work with. The team possesses a wealth of knowledge and are well informed about the latest technology trends related to Solar & electrical both. Additionally, their friendly approach enhances the overall experience. They are prompt and available 24/7 in case of emergencies. I highly recommend their Solar & electrical consultancy and Solar Maintenance services.

Customer for over 13 years

Mr. Ahmed Ebrahim, CEO Mehran Sugar Mills

We started working with Limitless solutions in 2015. Initially the concept of commercial solar installations were still new. Limitless did a professional job convincing us on the benefits of the investment as well as its Operations. We did our first Grid Tied Solar installation with them at Mehran Sugar in 2017 for 180kw and in 2019 for 58kw. In 2016 we installed 66kW Grid Tied Solar installation at 3 houses along with maintenance contracts. We also installed 180kW at Usman Memorial hospital in 2023 and 60kW at Usman institute of technology in 2017. Limitless has an efficient and technically sound team and our passionate about the future of renewable especially solar energy in Pakistan.

Customer for over 7 years

Mr. Rasheed Barket, Chairman Pacific Group

Limitless Solutions is working with our group since last 6 years. Their Engineering and installation work is excellent. Furthermore, our system is professionally maintained by Limitless Solutions even they promptly detected a performance issue in the solar panels, which was determined to be a manufacturer's fault. They promptly provided the necessary test reports to the manufacturer, effectively persuading them to honor the warranty and replace the panels. Remarkably, all of this work was completed at no cost to us under our Annual Solar Maintenance Contract. Thanks to Limitless Solutions.

Customer for over 6 years

Mr. Syed Rehan Kazim Kazmi, Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary Habib Schools and Habib Education Trust

I want to express my deepest gratitude for your outstanding services for our organizations related to installation and maintenance of solar systems over the past five years. LS expertise, dedication, and passion for sustainability have made a profound impact on our organizations. From tailored solutions to prompt maintenance, LS professionalism has consistently exceeded our expectations. Thank you

Customer for over 6 years

Mr. Ali Naqvi, Principal Architect (ALI ARSHAD ASSOCIATES)

As an architect, I had serious concerns regarding potential damages and esthetic issue associated with solar installations on roofs. However, the team of Limitless Solutions went above and beyond to address my concerns and provide satisfactory solutions, which catered to technical, maintenance and aesthetically acceptable solutions. I greatly appreciate their prompt response and dedication to after-sales support and maintenance services. Every individual I have interacted with at Limitless Solutions demonstrates knowledge, professionalism, and technical expertise.

Customer for over 6 years

Mr. Shehryar Qadir, Director – Jin Kwang Jazz (pvt) Ltd

Limitless Solutions has been providing us with electrical services for our factory, Jin Kwang Jaz for over a decade now. In 2017, they conducted an electrical evaluation and identified the need for an automated synchronization system between KE and the genset to manage the total load efficiently. Their expert team designed and implemented the high tech automated sync system in 2018. In 2019, Limitless Solutions further enhanced our power network by upgrading its capacity from 2.1 Mw to 2.6 Mw. Later in 2022, LS provided us with solar design and supervision consultancy, and ensured successful implementation & meeting our energy goals effectively. We would definitely recommend LS for their exceptional services in solar design and supervision consultancy along with electrical services.

Customer for over 6 years

Mr. Abdul Rahim, Project Director – Dow University Health Sciences (DUHS)

Limitless Solutions has been an absolute pleasure to work with, from beginning to end. They have successfully installed solar systems at three separate campuses of DUHS and have been providing Solar Maintenance services for the past five years. Over this period, the system's performance has only depreciated by 4%, which is well below our expectations. The management at DUHS expresses utmost satisfaction with the services provided by Limitless Solutions, emphasizing their prompt and professional approach.

Customer for over 5 years

Brig. Akhtar Zamin (Retd)

Initially, I held a negative perception regarding the savings potential of solar systems. However, my perspective changed after getting services from Limitless Solutions. The level of professionalism and technical expertise showed by their team is truly remarkable. I took their services to extend my existing system, and the after-sales support provided by them proved to be most suitable choice. With utility prices going up all the time, I am getting the maximum financial benefits from my Solar system.

Customer for over 5 years

CEO, Limitless Solutions

Limitless Solutions team believe in harnessing the solar power for greener & sustainable future. Our commitment to solar energy extends beyond installation; it covers the vital aspect of solar maintenance. By prioritizing regular maintenance, we not only secure our investment in foreign currency but also ensure long-term green power generation, effectively reducing carbon footprints. Maintenance is the key to optimizing performance, maximizing energy production, and protecting the lifespan of solar system. Let us collectively prioritize solar maintenance as a crucial step towards creating a greener world.

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